About us

The Save Your Leatherwood Honey Association Inc. is a not-for-profit association incorporated in Tasmania, Australia.

The principal object of the association is to stop the clearfelling and burning of the accessible Leatherwood Resource in Tasmania.

The principal object will be achieved by pursuing the further objects of the Association, which are:

  • Increase community awareness of the value of the leatherwood nectar resource to Tasmania
  • To research, advocate, and increase community awareness of, sustainable alternatives to clearfelling and burning that protect and enhance the leatherwood nectar resource
  • To establish and maintain a public fund, to be called the Save Your Leatherwood Honey Gift Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the objects/purposes of the association
  • Work with any other institution or association to secure the objects/purposes of the association

The Association has a committee of eight members, four of whom are ordinary committee members and the other four are office bearers (President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President).

Join us and help save our leatherwood trees and our leatherwood honey.

The current constitution can be found here

Protecting Leatherwood in Tasmania's Forests

The Tasmanian beekeeping industry relies on leatherwood to keep our bees strong.


The beekeeping industry directly provides jobs and investment underlying around $4 million per annum honey production and supports the jobs and investment in over $200 million per annum of fruit and seed crops through honeybee pollination.