Balangara ' Looking After Our Food' wins second prize

We are delighted that Balangara have won a 2nd place award for best short film at the 2016 Tasmanian eco Film Festival.

Looking After Our Food is a story about Tasmanian beekeepers Bob Davey & Hedley Hoskinson who are serious about protecting honey-producing leatherwood rainforests, which are essential to the island state's unique food industry.

Congratulations to producers Maritza Schafer, Warrick Jordan, Tom Claxton and the rest of the The Wilderness Society team who worked on this film. The two people who deserve great respect and acknowledgement are beekeepers Bob and Hedley. Without these two caring stalwarts, Tasmania wouldn’t have any leatherwood producing rich rainforests left to show in the film, which means there would be no production of the Tasmanian world renowned leatherwood honey, no beekeeping industry, diminished pollination of fruits and vegetables, reduction in agricultural production, a further diminishing of Tasmania’s clean-green image, and a possible increase of GM crops.

Looking After Our Food screens at 3:30pm Friday 18 November at the State Theatre, Hobart in Digital Cinema Projection (DCP).

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